On this page, students will compile a list of vocabulary words that are related to computers and/or technology. Each student will contribute one word to the list and define it. Once the list is compiled, students will then use the list as part of another assignment. They will download the file located at the bottom of this page, then they will copy and paste the list of terminology into the document. Next they will use their knowledge of Microsoft Word to place the words and their definitions in alphabetical order. The object of this activity is to give kids the chance to collaborate on a single document for a given purpose, then use their word processing skills to copy, paste, and move text within a document. Later, they will use this list to complete the same task using Microsoft Excel. This will give the students the opportunity to see how beneficial a spreadsheet can be for organization purposes.

Together let's compile a list of computer terms we all need to know:

desktop - the workspace on a computer
screen saver - prevents image burn on the monitor's screen
hard drive - stores all the computers information
monitor - the screen on a computer
keyboard - input device that allows you to type information into the computer
speakers - output device that allows you to hear sound on the computer
fan - keeps the computer cool
motherboard - the brain of the computer
dock - stores the icon shortcuts for programs
icon - picture that represents a program, document, image, etc.
printer - makes a hard, printed copy of a document or image
command key - gives different functions to various keys
control key - gives different functions to various keys
mouse - controls the cursor
web cam - computer camera
router - connects multiple computers to the ethernet (Internet) cable
airport - receives "air" signals for wireless connection
scanner - creates digital image of something
flash drive - portable storage device
PDF - portable document format
USB - universal serial bus
port - place to plug in external devices
CPU - central processing unit
RAM - random access memory (reserves memory for programs instead of stealing from the hard drive)
URL - uniform resource locator

Interactive image of the inside of an iMac

Now follow Mrs. DeJong's instructions for the remainder of this lesson.