National Parks Wiki Project

Each of you will be given a specific national park that you will research and then promote on a new classroom wiki (Click here to view our national parks wiki) OR (click here to view our world national parks wiki). Your research must come from well-evaluated web sites. Make sure to look for the 5 Ws when you evaluate your sites of information. You will also need to include at least one image for your national park’s wiki page.

The following information will need to be included on your wiki page:

Your name
Brief introduction of the park
Location of park
Distance (miles) from home
Size of the park
Information about park hours (when it is open)
Facts about the park
Things to see while visiting the park
Things to do while visiting the park
Pictures with captions
Citations page (links to your information sources)

Click here to see a sample wiki page to use as a guide when creating your own wiki page. Your page should follow a similar format.

  1. You've been assigned a national park. Now, research your assigned national park. Be sure to include all of the information listed above. Use the following National Parks Notes document to help with your research
  2. Go to and figure the distance from your hometown to the park.
  3. Find copyright-free photos to accompany your research using the resources listed below. Be sure to use the links below OR do an "Advanced Google Images" search.
  4. Follow the National Parks wiki instructions to create your wiki page.
  5. Use the following checklist to double check your wiki page for accuracy and perfection.
  6. When you are finished, choose ONE of the Wrap-up activities to complete your national parks project.

Wrap-Up Activities

Travel Poster -
Create a travel poster highlighting your park using Comic Life. Be sure to make your poster visually appealing and informative, but not too busy-looking.

(may or may not work---we have been having trouble getting this site to work) Once your tagxedo is created, click "full screen" then do a screen shot (command, shift, 4) to save a picture of it to your desktop. The screen shot can then be added to your wiki page.

Resource Links (type the name of your park - if more than one word, separate with a . - then (go to link, then click on the name of the park)

Copyright Free Photo Resource Links

Alternative Project

Instead of researching the national parks of the United States, complete the project using national parks of the World. Follow the same guidelines as the US national parks project. Click on the link below for a list of world national parks listed by country.

World National Parks list
6th Grade World National Parks wiki