This page is where students will post their thoughts regarding specific reflection questions. Mrs. DeJong will post a question, the students will then post their comments using the discussion tab. This will allow students to hear the voices of their peers. Be honest, but be fair. Your discussion must be written in complete sentences using proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Question 1: What are your thoughts about using this wiki in Computer Basics?

Question 2: Name and define two or three new computer terms that you learned recently.

Question 3: You've been in 6th grade for several days now. What is your favorite part of school now that you are at the middle school?

Question 4: Explain what the correct hand position is for proper keyboarding. Describe the proper body positioning (posture) for good keyboarding skills. Why is learning to type using the correct finger positioning and posture important?

Question 5: Think about the class. What things do you struggle with? Your struggles may be related to keyboarding skills or may be something entirely different like keeping on task. Once you have identified your struggle area, think about what you can do to make that area not quite so difficult. Is there something that I (Mrs. DeJong) can do to make that struggle less difficult? If so, write that down as well.

Question 6: Describe the two different ways to move text within a document. Which way did you find the most effective? Why?

Question 7: What are the 5 Ws of web evaluation. Why is it important to evaluate a web site you use as a source of information?

Question 8: What is a search engine? Can you name at least 5 different search engines?

Question 9: Which of the search engines that you have experimented with are your favorites and why? Please be sure to explain what you like about this search engine when you compare it to the others.

Question 10: What is the name of the national park you are researching? What new information have you learned about your national park? After doing your research, is this a park you think you would enjoy visiting? Why or why not?

Question 11: You spent several days learning about the various national parks in our country. Write a paragraph about what you learned about the national parks you researched. Write a second paragraph about what you leaned about the use of wikis in education.