pencil_color.gifStudents will be assigned one of the story starters below. They will use their assigned story start to start (but not finish) an original story. After several minutes of writing, students will be instructed to STOP, regardless of where they are in the story. They will then save what they have written, then move on to the next story on the list where they will continue the story already in progress. After several "rounds" of writing, they will be told to end the story they are currently working on. The fun is seeing how each story changes when the author changes.

Students, to begin this activity click on the word "edit" to the right of the story you are going to work on. Start typing your version of the story BENEATH the gray line. DO NOT TYPE OR CHANGE ANYTHING ABOVE THE LINE!!!!!!! Let your imagination go as you write a continuation of the story. You will continue writing your story until the teacher gives the instruction to stop and save. Let's see how creative our stories can be!

Have fun with this!

The Cave edit
Today was "family day" at the park. As Mom, Dad, and my little sister finished their picnic lunch, I wandered toward the edge of the woods. No one noticed as I followed a path deeper and deeper into the forest. Suddenly the path ended at the opening to a dark cave. I stopped for a moment and then decided to explore. As I ducked into the opening, I noticed a strange smell.

Wounded! edit
The scorching pain in my shoulder jolted me awake. The blood on my shirt confirmed that I had been wounded. As I dragged myself upright, I struggled to remember what had happened.

The Phone Call edit
The insistent ringing of the phone suddenly brought me from a sound sleep. The hands on the bedside clock read 2 AM, way too late for any pleasure call. Who could be calling at this hour? And why?

The Lightning Strike edit
It was an average day at Beverly Hills Middle School, where we were in computer class, gamely learning all about spreadsheets. Suddenly a bolt of lightning lit up the lab, followed by a clap of thunder loud enough to be heard into the next county. The power surge crackled through the network, leaving all but Mrs. Gladstone's computer in a mass of melted plastic.

The Hole in the Flowerbed edit
It was summer vacation, and my friends and I had nothing to do. As we waited for my mom to drive us to the pool, we decided to dig a hole in the flowerbed. Of course,we had to fill it in before Mom saw it, but we'd worry about that later. We dug deeper and deeper. Suddenly a strange rumbling noise came from the hole.

The Siren Sounded edit
The pleasure of my daily run one chilly April morning was abruptly shattered by the shrill wail of a siren. I followed the sound along a narrow alley.

The Bag of Diamonds edit
He pointed the gun barrel at my head. "Your last chance to tell me how and where you came across the bag of diamonds. Tell me or I'll pull the trigger."

"Okay, okay, just - just put the gun down." I signed a long, thoughtful sigh as I reluctantly began my story. "Here goes...It all started this morning when I was driving to work...

Roweena and the Tims edit
This is the sort of story you should never read at night, because it is full of things that are frightening to think about when it is dark. Things such as a hungry wolf, a bottle of poison, and a locked box with a terrible secret inside. However, the story is not at all frightening at the beginning. But later on things change. This is how the story goes...

A young girl named Roweena lived in a small cottage in the middle of the forest with two lumberjacks who were both named Tim. One evening, when Tim, Tim and Roweena were all having dinner, there was a knock on the door, but before anyone could answer it...

Overnight Superstar edit
So here I am, microphone in hand, about to sing in front of 100 million people across the world. The cameras are on me, and the audience has fallen silent in anticipation. How did this happen, you ask? How did I, Katie Skipton - an ordinary 11-year-old schoolgirl just a couple of days ago - get to become an overnight superstar? Glad you asked. Sit back, relax, and let me tell you about the craziest day of my entire life...

What is That? edit
“I'm cold,” said Annie, sitting on the front porch.
“Me, too,” said Jack, shivering. “Let's go inside.”
“Wait! Look!” said Annie. “Over there!” We cautiously walked toward the curb at the end of the front yard. A lone object lay near the curb on the opposite side of the street. We weren't quite sure what it was we were seeing until…

We Tried to Tell Her edit
She had been warned, but now it was too late.

Open Country edit
The thunder of hooves rang out across the land. The horses were tired and hungry, but I had to keep pushing them. There was precious little water to be found, and we were sitting ducks for rustlers in the flat, open country.

The Volcano edit
It all started the summer we visited our uncle in South America. The volcano near the village where we were staying was supposed to be inactive, yet lately steam had been leaking from it. My little brother and I were near the foot of the volcano the morning it began to shake.

The Opponent edit
Crocker never wanted to be on the wrestling team. He really didn’t. But here he was - on the mat, not ready at all for his first match. He turned to face his opponent. “It can’t be,” he said under his breath. But it was. He stood face to face with none other than...

The Secret edit

Dear diary,

I'VE GOT A SECRET! I'VE GOT A SECRET! Only Mother and Daddy said I can't actually tell people yet! But a journal is not even people! And so I am just going to write it in these pages. And that's all!

Last night..

Better Listen Up! edit
I should have listened with both ears instead of one. IF I had I paid attention, I would have known...

The Locked Door edit
The locked door fascinated and puzzled her. She just had to see what was behind that door.

The Green Lizard Egg edit
The guy at the pet store said he was pretty sure it was a Green Lizard egg. But man, was he wrong. He could not have been more wrong. Now the newspaper wants to know what happened to my little brother, that nice old lady down the street, the left side of Seattle Elementary School, and the three jets, two helicopters, four tanks,and 36,000 gallons of Marshmallow Fluff that are now missing. They will probably cover up the true story. But here's what really happened...

The Christmas Box edit
It was Christmas Eve and Lucy Brown was very excited. She hung her stocking up on the wall next to her bed and fell fast asleep. In her dream, she thought of all the lovely things that Santa would bring her. When Lucy woke up, she looked in her stocking and found nothing but a silver box. It was very shiny, with a star on the lid. She opened it to find...

Where Did it Go? edit
It was just here a moment ago! I promise it was! But now it was no where to be found. What were we going to do?

The Snowstorm edit
"Oh look! It's snowing!" Betsy said as she looked up from her school work. It was the first snowstorm of the year and all of the students in Mrs. Johnson's 5th grade class were excited to get outside and play in it. The flakes were huge and fell softly to the ground. As the day progressed, however, the snow began to fall heavier and heavier. By 3:00, the ground was completely covered and piling up in drifts.

Downriver edit
Jason and his buddies were excited for the weekend. It was going to be the best time ever. He and three of his best friends were going to camp out by the river and spend the long weekend fishing. It took him a long time to convince his parents that they would be okay, but finally they agreed. Jason had to agree to a few minor rules though. They had to make sure their fire was out before they went to sleep, and they had to agree not to get in the water. Everything was set. All the gear was gathered, the bait ready for fishing, and enough food feed four hungry teens was stored in coolers. It was going to be the best weekend of his life. Or so they thought...

We Knew Better edit
Jimmy and I spent a lot of time together during the summers and this summer was no different. Most days we would sleep until around 9:00, then we'd meet down at the ball field to plan our strategy for the day. Today was especially hot, and we were extremely bored with the same routine, so we decided to create some fun of our own. We knew better, but boredom had a strange effect on us that day. I'm not at all proud of what I'm about to tell you. Like I said, we knew better.